i pulled off your wings...

and i laughed.

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it seems like i just don't have anything to say anymore... it's funny how i'm the crazy one, yet i seem to be just fine all of the sudden. that's funny, isn't it? i made the whole thing up in my head but just walked away completely like that. it just stopped hurting like that, all of it. so since i can't be the victim without lying, i guess i might as well be the evil one. shame on me. i just... i really can't stand it when people have to blame other's for their actions so they don't need to feel bad about the things they've done. it's so childish... whatever, i'm the whore, i'm the poison, i'm the bad guy, always. i don't know many people that would say any of that about me, but alright. if i can't be loved, at least i get to be hated.

i hate working nights because there's never anything to do here. i could be sitting on the internet at home if that's what i wanted to do with my friday nite... fuckers.

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You should only feel special about being hated when the person in hate with you is note worthy, in this instance, I do not believe that is the case.

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