i pulled off your wings...

and i laughed.

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you all sucked at the anonymous question game. but, fine, here are your answers, bitches.

Any chance of jeek getting in your knickers?
you know, normally i would say no... but something about the way you used the word "knickers" makes me want to say yes...

Hmmm...what kinds of drugs have ya done?
dammit charli. i can't answer that because i know it's you. i haven't done any drugs. drugs are bad. esp. marijuana and extacy. DON'T DO THEM!!@!!
zoloft is ok though.

um.... are you still using that phone I sold you way back when?
no, i dropped that thing and broke it after like 3 months. so i got one of those new, super-sturdy motorola's. :)

Anyone you lust after on your LJ Friend's List?
S/O's and ex's do not count.

uh oh. that sounds like a trick question. if you are on my friend's list, i totally want you...
ok, the real answer is no. esp. not the ex's.

What is your prefered past time activity?
isn't baseball a pasttime?
i like drinking. and video games. and movies. none of those are really activities... i like playing pool? fuck, i don't know.

that was fucking weak. next time i say i want anonymous questions, do a better job.

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:) Hahaha see!?!

Half the net does want in my pants.

They asked you tame stuff. :P

Wow, I'm sure glad that anonymous guy used the word "knickers" when asking about me.

So uh.. your place or mine? :)

It said one question and I couldn't think of anything that wasn't offencive. ~shrugs~

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