i pulled off your wings...

and i laughed.

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(no subject)

awww. :)

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how sweet :)

Is that sarcasm I sence amy?

You two got some big smiles goin' on here.

Awesome. :)

Lol...i knew you would trace it back to me. No, it's not sarcasm...you guys look happy and that's a good thing, right? It was never my original intention to shit on you in the first place, so why continue?

Technically, She's the one who caught it.. So I can't take the glory for that one. I am however intrigued as to how you acquired her live journal user name, I don't recall ever showing it to you.

Well...you did give me your live journal name and seeing as how she is the only friend you have it wasn't to hard to figure out. But yeah..I'm gonna go now.

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